Common Questions About Our Shows

Over the years we have had many questions asked of us. On this page you'll find the answer to some of the more common questions asked by brides, mother's of the brides, and more.

  • Is there admission to the show(s)? +

    Right now, the only show that has an admission is the January Southeast Idaho Bridal Fair. Like us on Facebook to be included when discounts are given to this show. The other shows are free for the time being.
  • Can I bring anyone to the bridal fair with me? +

    Yes. This is a great way for you and anyone you want to help you plan your wedding to find everything you need. Bring your bride’s maid, maid of honor, mother, girl friends and yes, you could even bring your groom.
  • Can I make purchases or book the exhibitors at the show? +

    Yes. Vendor's calenders fill up quickly at bridal fairs. Especially on popular dates. You will want to place a deposit if you can.
  • How long should I plan to stay at the Fair? +

    Stay as long as you need to. Each show is different because of it's size. For example, with over 60 vendors at the Southeast Idaho Bridal Fair, you will need most of the 11 hours that the show is open if you intend to visit with all of the vendors. At the October Fall Bridal Extravaganza there are 20-24 vendors. The show is shorter, but you may still need the entire time to visit with all of the vendors. Our suggestion is to make a day of it.
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Southeast Idaho Bridal Fair
Fall Bridal Showcase

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