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Bridal Fairs of East Idaho

We work tirelessly to bring you the best bridal fair experience in East Idaho. Since our first show in 2007, we have been continuously growing what has become the most attended and largest bridal fair in the area. It all started with the Southeastern Idaho Bridal Fair, later changed to the Southeast Idaho Bridal Fair. As the years have gone by we added and removed shows to fill the needs of the communities we operate in.


Our Mission

Our goal as a company is to help individual businesses grow. We do this by offering quality events, publications, and services that help businesses reach their target market.


Our Values

By offering top-notch services to wedding industry merchants, we can help them reach their goals of growth and success.


Our Team

Our Team is set up to bring these services and other products to the merchants. Their experience brings an understanding second to none.

Southeast Idaho Bridal Fair
Fall Bridal Showcase

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